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Заполните всего три поля и наш специалист Вам перезвонит! Инновационный метод лечения, радиохирургия на системе "КиберНож" , применяется в Клинике Спиженко для дистанционного лечения опухолей. Лучевая терапия опухолей в Клинике Спиженко проводится на линейном ускорителе последнего поколения Elekta с функцией IMRT максимальной защиты здоровых тканей. Современные методы хирургического лечения онкологических пациентов применяются в Центре хирургии Клиники Спиженко на постоянной основе, в том числе, малотравматичая лапароскопия.

Константин Л. Отзыв о лечении в Кибер Клинике: О. Отзыв о лечении — Сергей В. Любовь Григорьевна Б. Татьяна Л. Log In. Forgot account? Not Now. Pages Other Community Хорол Posts. Information about Page Insights Data. Хорол Yesterday at AM ·. Стали відомі 20 найкращих громад Полтавщини Сформований рейтинг враховував 40 критеріїв та відображає таким чином інституційну привабливість громад у році. Автор: Ольга Правденко. Among the criteria, how they took into account: 1. Availability of concluded cooperation agreements with other communities which? Willingness of the municipality to work on raising the rating presence of fidback, filling out the questionnaires 4.

Political activity of the head of the community in the field of sustainability. Community activity is sustainable more than 5 years, regardless of power change 6. In total, there are 40 criteria. To your attention 20 of the best communities in Poltava region as of January 1, The rating takes into account 40 criteria and reflects the institutional attractiveness of communities in Rated 58 communities across the area. Rated communities across Ukraine. Author: Olga Pravdenko Translated. Хорол February 7 at AM ·. Полтавська міськрада затвердить оклад меру Полтави в розмірі грн.

Хорол February 5 at AM ·. Continue Reading. After scandals and negative reaction from rural councils, Oblenergo proposed a compromise - sensibly reduce the fee. In short, local communities have long been using power lines for street lighting. They never paid the owners of resistance for this use.

This lasted until The Oblenergo has now warned that in the absence of the contract, the street lighting network will be disinfected. The editorial office has several complaints on behalf of the rural heads of former Mashivsky, Shishatsky and Kobelyatsky districts. For example, the head of the Mykhailiv community Nikolai Kolyandra reported that the oblenergo offered to pay 18 UAH each month for using each electric power supply: - We estimated that we have approximately 3 thousand electric supports in our territory.

Turns out we had to pay 54 k. UAH every month, thousand.

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UAH every year, and this is a significant load on the budget. At the same time oblenergo does not pay us a land tax for using the utility land on which electrical supports stand. The community is very outraged by the demands of oblenergo, since since the Soviet times, it was indicated that electrical installations should perform an integral street lighting function. No one ever paid for this. After numerous conflicts with local governments, Poltavaoblenergo did not abandon their demands, however, it suggested reducing the tariff: - If they used to offer to pay for each 18 UAH, then now only 3 UAH.

However, we consulted with lawyers and decided not to pay, even if it's 9 thousand. UAH every month.


While this problem is on pause, Nikolai Kolyandra reported. JSC Poltavaoblenergo officially commented on this situation. The administration of the enterprises believes that their requirements are legal, because every use of their property needs to be settled. For example, Oblenergo receives funds for using electrical support under telecommunications equipment. By the analogy of oblenergo wants to apply this approach to street lighting elements. However, it suggests to significantly reduce the rate. According to the BW. Thus, without the consent of the owner, no one can use his property.

Since street lighting objects are placed on the supports of JSC Poltavaoblenergo, such placement is subject to legal resolution by the parties, including by concluding relevant contracts. There are no direct laws on these issues, along with this, there is a regulatory act regulating such legal relations. This law regulated relations between owners of the infrastructure of the access object JSC Poltavaoblenergo and people who intend to receive access to the infrastructure of the access facility, one of which is according to the abz. Managed by part 1th century 8 Civil Code, which determines that if civil relations are not settled by this Code, other acts of civil law or contract, they are governed by those legal rules of this Code, other acts of civil law regulating such civil relations.

Analysis of the legal status of the parties and legal relations that occur when placed on the supports of the Society of Street Lighting and Telecommunication networks indicates that the use of the Society's resistance in these cases is similar. Together with this, considering the social importance of street lighting objects for the population of Poltava region, JSC Poltavaoblenergo admitted for expediently to determine the amount of pay for access to infrastructure to electricity objects towards reducing compared to the standards defined by the Law of Ukraine access to construction, transport, electricity for the development of telecommunications networks and regulations issued for its implementation.

The final price, street lighting owners will be informed soon. It is interesting that until now neither the regional council nor the Poltava Regional State Administration have officially commented on this long-lasting conflict between oblenergo and local communities.

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АТ «Полтаваобленерго» пропонує органам місцевого самоврядування укласти договори за користування своїми електроопорами, які громади використовують для зовнішн До проєкту порядку денного включено питання Oleksenka: 1. About the financial result of the enterprise's activities for 1. About the work plan for 1.

About the state of the enterprise networks.

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Conducting major repair works of networks. Other net maintenance measures are in a satisfactory condition. Vorotintseva: 2. About the financial result of the enterprise's activities for 2. About the work plan for 2. Slim about: 3. About the information of the head of the main department of the state tax service in the Poltava region of O.

Lavrova: 5. Kropivtsi in the framework of the current budget period will be carried out in the competition of the placement of temporarily free funds of the regional budget of Poltava region on deposits with the further return of such funds until the end of the current budget period in accordance with Article 16 of the Ukrainian Budget Code. About the report in. Bassana: 9. Goryashchenko about the activities of the enterprise for Nikolaev about the agency's activities for About the inclusion of a residential building with built-in non-residential premises at: Poltava region, m. Poltava, st.

Philip Orlyka, 10 to the list of common property of territorial communities of villages, villages, cities of Poltava region, subject to privatization. About the creation of a utility institution of physical culture and sports of Poltava Regional Council on the basis of the Kremenchug Professional Hockey Club. About the construction of the ice hall in m.

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Poltava at the expense of the SFRR. About the letter of the Security Service of Ukraine in Poltava region regarding the commission test of the validity of the management warehouse of A allocated by the regional budget.

A cap in the m. About the letter of property management of the regional council regarding the granting of Oveya LLC permission to carry out a major repair and implementation of integral improvements in the premises of the rental building located at: m. Shevchenko, About the letters of property management of the regional council regarding: Pushkin, , m.

Cathedral, 18, st. Unity, 24, m. Poltava and garages on the street. Cathedral, Олексій Матюшенко was live. February 4 at PM. Засідання постійної комісії з питань бюджету та управління майном. Держпродспоживслужба перевірила, як дотримуються карантину у школах і дитсадках Полтавщини У Хорольській та Чутівській громадах перевірили дотримання протиепідемічних вимог у школах та дитсадках. The State Consumer Service checked how quarantine is followed in schools and kindergartens of Poltava region In Khorolsʹkíj and Chutivsʹkíj communities checked compliance with protepidemic requirements in schools and kindergartens.

Experts of Khorolsky district management with law enforcement officers and local government representatives from January 25 to 29 checked 13 business entities, in particular school, and 12 stores. Про це повідомили у пресслужбі Головного управління Дер Держпродспоживслужба перевірила, як дотримуються карантину у школах і дитсадках Полтавщини — Новини Полтавщини.

Хорол January 29 at PM ·. Хорол January 29 at AM ·. Анастасія Ляшенко January 29 at AM. Хорол January 21 at AM ·. Thanks to this, they were able to start preparing for the National Sorochinsky Fair and declare its holding from August 17 to August 22 this year traditionally in the village of Veliky Sorochyntsi, Mirgorod district, Poltava region.

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It is noted that the support and assistance provided has given the opportunity to significantly reduce the negative impact on the National Sorochinsky Fair, as an event, and as an organizer preparing and conducting it, from the implementation of restrictions on activities during the COVID Хорол January 17 at PM ·. Державний секретар США Майк Помпео заявив про наявність доказів про походження коронавірусу із лабораторії в китайському місті Ухань.

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